"Heretic's Fork" (Self-produced; 2002)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

This self-titled CD by Heretic's Fork is a solid slab of sludgy stoner rock with a bottom end so heavy it could cause small items to be thrown from the shelves your speakers are on.

There are six tracks hereon, and 43 minutes total running time, so you know you're going to get some epically lengthy songs here. Fortunately, because the band likes to simmer rather than to boil, this works to their advantage. Each song plays out like its own soundtrack to a film laden with dark and sinister images.

When reviewing this kind of slow tempo-ed, bottom heavy music, it's easy to compare it to early Black Sabbath. Although those influences are certainly heard here, the music of Heretic's Fork is more spiritual and has a unique, subtle tribal rhythm. It's the kind of music you wouldn't be surprised to hear in a sweat lodge as the ghosts of ancient ancestors shimmer before you.

If you're looking for speed or head-banging material, you're not looking for Heretic's Fork. If you're looking for atmosphere and mystic depth, this is the CD for you.

Heretic's Fork: Adam - vocals, keyboard; Mark - bass; Ed - guitar; Dave - drums.

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