"Now Fear This" (1031 Records; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

As I've said on other pages throughout this website, I'm a sucker for horror punk. Give me the Misfits, Wednesday 13 or pretty much any other band in the genre and I'm usually a happy camper. Such is the case again with The Horrifics' "Now Fear This."

Featuring Ramones-style guitar and vocals that are a little more rough, "Now Fear This" is 17 tracks of ghoulish punk tunes with titles like "That Which Lurks," "Under My Knife," "Go! Go! Godzilla" and "Fury of the Goat Man." Each of the songs gallops along at a pace just a little faster than, say, The Misfits while the lyrics aren't quite as clever as those of Wednesday 13.

There isn't much variety to this CD either, as each song sounds pretty much like the next from the first track to the last. This isn't necessarily a band thing ... hey, at least the band is consistent ... but it does make listening to the entire CD just a tad tedious.

Still, if you're like me and can't resist lurid lyrics like "How long has it waited? How long has it languished? There in the swamp in that hell of fetid darkness" then you won't be disppointed with "Now Fear This."

The Horrifics: Gruesome - vocals; Phibes - guitar; Wretched - bass; Rictus - drums.

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