"Seeds of Fate" (Bent Records; 2006)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Hypnosis is a self-coined progressive and hybrid death metal band – and “Seeds of Fate” makes that self-description more fully realized than “Cyber Death.” As I noted in an earlier review forward-thinking music can be hard to come by and Hypnosis do a good job pushing the boundary of death metal with its inclusion of industrial, gothic, and atmosphere.

“Seeds of Fate” contains a slightly more consistent and engaging atmospheric vibe compared to its predecessor. The song lengths are also slightly disconcerting as the six and seven minute songs literally pound their way through force into the listener’s conscious. But somehow these tracks still manage to keep the band’s modernized death metal as a fresh approach to extreme music.

With “Seeds of Fate” I’m impressed by how Hypnosis manages to advance their sound and style without abandoning their core.

Fans of Fear Factory, By Night, and Mnemic will find something to like in Hypnosis’ “Seeds of Fate.”

“Seeds of Fate” was produced by Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is Sid_d on vocals and guitar, Py-Er on vocals, guitar, machines, and Pa_tRisS on bass.

For more information visit http://www.hypnosismetal.fr.st/ or http://www.myspace.com/hypnosismetal

"Cyber Death" (Crash; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Hypnosis are a French death metal band that combines mid-paced mechanized death metal with an extraordinary amount of synthesizer sounds. Obviously, Hypnosis offer a fresh view on modern death metal with a new take on the industrial/goth sound that seemingly forever gets mixed in with other musical genres. The songs on "Cyber Death" are neither too industrialized nor too atmospheric to alienate those that favor or appreciate modern sounds mixed in with heavy guitars. The closest thing I can recall is the sound heard on Aborym's "Fire Walk With Us," but only if you think of Aborym as a death metal band as opposed to a black metal band and Aborym making their industrial sounds a more integral part of the mix. Also, I (and probably many Rough Edge readers) would normally be inclined to compare Hypnosis to … And Oceans, but that would too off the mark to even be worthy of further discussion.

The vocals are buried in the mix, but I'm guessing this is an intentional facet of the band's overall approach. It actually works quite well considering the themes expressed have a lot to do with technology usurping human elements. The vocals are almost like a human overtaken by machines with the humans crying endlessly for help.

While "Cyber Death" is not something that I would normally listen to, I can say that Hypnosis do a great job blending two distinct sounds into something that's different from a genre that regularly puts out the same old ideas with less than impressive, slight twists. Also, I can say that "Cyber Death" should prove to be an interesting new CD for metalheads that appreciate forward thinking bands willing to dive headlong into the future. Those of you who like to look to the future rather than the past can disregard my two-and-a-half chainsaw rating and check out the band's music on their website (see link below).

"Cyber Death" was produced by Hypnosis. The production manages to blend the icy cold production necessary for the industrial/Goth style and the earthy, guttural sound needed for death metal to be effective.

Hypnosis: "SIN_d" Goloubkoff on guitar and vocals, Pierre "Py-Er" Bouthemy on guitars, machines, and vocals, and Patrice "Pa_tRisS" Abila on bass.

For more information visit http://www.hypnosismetal.fr.st

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