"Into the Abyss" (Nuclear Blast; 2000)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Hypocrisy returns yet again with another slab of their trademark intensity. "Into The Abyss" ups the ante with a touch of black metal thrown in the notoriously aggressive Hypocrisy sound. A marked change in metal consumer habits may spell success for Hypocrisy as the band is clearly one of the better outfits plying the metal trade.

"Into The Abyss" features the influence of drummer Lars Szoke who wanted a faster and more intense CD - it appears he won over his bandmates.  Hyper-speed workouts like "Legions Descend" and "Blinded" set the tone for the new CD in unrelenting fashion. Only "Resurrected" and "Fire In The Sky" have any of the mid-paced keyboards that characterized 1999's self-titled disc.

Peter Tagtgren's irrefutable voice and guitar tone are splattered all over "Into The Abyss" - looks like his participation in Lock Up affected his effort this time around. Michael Hedlund's dependable bass lines are as solid as ever. Lars Skoze's machine gun blasts are the beating heart of the intensity of "Into The Abyss."

As far as Hypocrisy goes, if you like straight-forward metal then "Into The Abyss" is much preferred over the self-titled CD. Personally, I prefer the self-titled CD, but the differences are so minor that it's really hard to tell between the two. 

"Into The Abyss" was produced by Hypocrisy. 

Hypocrisy is Peter Tagtgren on guitars, keyboards, and vocals; Michael Hedlund on bass; and Lars Szoke on drums.

For more information visit http://www.hypocrisy.com

"Hypocrisy" (Nuclear Blast; 1999)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

After calling it quits with "The Final Chapter" back in 1997 many fans of Hypocrisy started a crusade to let the band know they wanted more amazing metal from their favorite band. In 1999, Hypocrisy, a very prolific band, obliged with a self-titled release (their ninth CD in eight years!). "Hypocrisy" marries death metal with many forms of the metal genre to construct a solid metallic onslaught worthy of great praise.

This disc grabbed me by the throat from the very first track and didn't let up until the end. The heavily melodic songs were my favorite; these songs include "Paranormal Mysteria," "Fractured Millennium," "Elastic Inverted Visions," and "Reversed Reflections." The power metal-ish bonus track "Self-inflicted Overload" was also pretty good even though it was quite distinct from other songs on the CD.

"Hypocrisy" is amazing for its combination of technical death metal, melodic death metal, and classical metal styles that show hints of black metal, power metal, and simple heavy metal, too (nothing wrong with that!). No doubt that Tagtgren's involvement in the metal community as a renowned producer has influenced and affected his songwriting and approach with Hypocrisy over the years.

Unfortunately, Hypocrisy are often accused of being 'sell-outs' due to the changes they've made over the years. However, speed-laced tracks are still an integral part of the Hypocrisy sound; speed freaks can add "Apocalyptic Hybrid," "Time Warp," and "Fusion Programmed Minds" to their memory banks as high test fuel to induce furious release when the world gets to be a bit much.

Sci-fi based lyrics along with other supernatural death-after-life currents permeate "Hypocrisy;" fear of government intrusion and paranoia are also quite prevalent, too. These lyrical themes are fairly consistent with past lyrical efforts.

"Hypocrisy" was produced by Peter Tagtgren - great production is what separates this disc from the many that I have heard over the years.

Hypocrisy is Peter Tagtgren on guitars, keyboards and vocals; Michael Hedlund on bass, and Lars Szoke on drums. This line-up has been a pretty consistent part of Hypocrisy throughout the years - it's this stability that has helped the band remain tight over the course of their career.

For more information visit http://www.hypocrisy.com/

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Killer. Not a classic but it will rock your world.

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