"Epidemia" (Victory; 2012)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Ill Nino is back with a kick-ass recording entitled "Epidemia."

We here at Rough Edge have been into this band since we reviewed "Revolution/Revoiución" way back in 2002 (see review below). This is what heavy metal should sound like: in-your-face, direct, powerful and to the point.

With "Epidemia," Ill Nino is back and better than ever. Heavy metal music in its purest form mixed with their Latin roots, bilingual lyrics, drums and acoustic guitar. And all of it performed with stunning talent and depth.

The vocals range from melodic to growling to everything in between ... and all within a split beat. This band's vocal diversity is a big part of their attraction.

"Epidemia" is proof why Ill Nino remains one of the best bands out there today.

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"The Undercover Sessions" (Cement Shoes; 2006)

Reviewed by Snidermann

As we await the new full-length from Ill Nino, we have this EP, featuring a new song by the band ("Arrastra") and covers of songs by Faith No More ("Zombie Eaters"), Peter Gabriel’s "Red Rain" and Nirvana’s "Territorial Pissings."

"The Undercover Sessions" is full of all the fire and flare of this very talented band. The cover songs are excellent, boasting the band's trademark power and yet never straying too far from the original's great sound. Their cover of "Red Rain" is nothing short of stunning.

The only negative thing about this CD is that it's an EP. I would have loved to have heard five or six more. 

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"Confession" (Roadrunner; 2003)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Disciples of Chimaria will no doubt love Ill Nino. I can hear echoes of Slipknot, NIN, Marilyn Manson and some others here. With a Latin flavor and a brutal guitar smashing your face against the strings, Ill Nino seems to be destined to make a name for New Jersey in the way of brash heavy metal. With raps and songs in Spanish and English they combine two cultures with confidence.

There's some Linkin Park here, too. There are so many hints of other bands here but, when you add the Latin mix, it sounds so original and a band shouldn't deny its roots, it should embrace them. Viva La Raza! (for those who speak Spanish).

Once you spin this vicious release a few times you will feel empowered to take on any beast in your life. I can only take so many bricks up side the head so I had to slice this metal pie in half. The music is well done and not so cruel that after a few cuts you are exhausted and can’t hold your head up from banging it repeatedly.

"Confession" is fresh in a way that keeps the listener wanting more and Ill Nino truly delivers. On the song “This Time’s For Real” it has some Spanish guitar mixed within the metal and it sounds perfect. A new flavor is always welcome in the guitar arena.

The best cuts are “Te Amo… I Hate You,” “How Can I Live,” “Unframed,” and “When It Cuts.”

Ill Nino: C. Machado – vocals; J. Piasante & A. Luster – guitars; L. Pina – bass; D. Couto – percussion; D. Chavarri – drums.


"Revolution/Revolucion!" (Roadrunner; 2001)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Ill Nińo on Roadrunner Records is a powerhouse metal ensemble that simply rocks. Ill Nińo is the total rock'n'roll package: anger, attitude, soul and aggression.  I identified with this band from the first spin - this is the real thing.  

Loud and hard, Ill Nińo weaves a tapestry of dark and surreal images that draws you right down their chosen path. A distinct Latin flare creeps up through out the music that adds to the total, unique package that is Ill Nińo.  This CD simply kicks ass.

Ill Nińo: Dave Chavarri - drums; Christian Machado - vocals; Jardel Paisante - guitars; Lazaro Pina -  bass; Marc Rizzo - guitars; Rogers Vasquez - percussion.

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