"Subjected" (Crash; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter


After releasing two self-produced EPs and creating a minor sensation in their homeland and Europe, Illogicist have obtained a worldwide distribution deal with Crash Music. It's worth mentioning that Illogicist are an Italian band and this may actually work in their favor given that another Italian band, Lacuna Coil, have garnered a lot of attention due to their recent inclusion to OzzFest. To put it simply, Lacuna Coil are giving metalheads a reason to look toward the country that has long been the center of classical music, classic architecture, and high-performance automobiles. Now add Illogicist to the short, but important, list of Italian bands that are gaining impressive stature in the metal community. Although in a few months one might easily argue that Illogicist won't need anyone's help, much less help from the success of Lacuna Coil, to make a name for themselves.

Illogicist's fairly technical version of death metal is very pleasing and not unlike a Ferrari fast but controlled as well as being aggressive but sleek. Quite frankly, this is how I like my death metal technical, progressive, somewhat experimental, and downright fearless. Like Death, Illogicist fuse their aggression with a solid dose of melody to great effect the solos are tight and appropriate. Additionally, it's nice to hear a bassist go wild on an album and still be able to hear it because it hasn't been buried in the production.

In some ways I see Illogicist very much as a death metal band in the vein of Death with an even greater emphasis on progressive elements. It's almost like Death merging with Spiral Architect that description may not make sense to many of you, but it seems perfect to me.

"Subjected" was recorded and engineered by Luca Minieri.

Illogicist: Luca Minieri on vocals and guitar, Diego Ambrosi on guitar, and Emilio Dattolo on bass. The drummer on "Subjected" was Remy Curtaz.

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