"7 Synns" (Self-released; 2022)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Immortal Synn's "7 Synns" is one of the purest heavy metal releases I've heard this year. Its driving rhythms, its chunky guitars, its fiery leads. "7 Synns" is a metal album that's impossible not to get caught up in.

You might not expect that from the opening notes of track #1, "Aegri Somina," which sound like they came from a movie soundtrack or something, but about 40 seconds in, the guitars and the drums kick in and things speed up considerably. "Let Them Eat Metal," the next track, is a celebration of heavy metal in general, and reminds me a lot of bands like Midnight and Night Demon. Track #3 is "Eternal Night," and it will have you head-banging in seconds. Up next is "The Night is Young" which marches along with a steady beat and features an interesting and effective combination of clean-singing and a demonic overlap. "State Oppression" opens with an explosive lead riff that morphs into an angry battle cry. "Tired and Red" is another thrash-paced that could hurt you if you tried to bang your head to it. And the album closes out with "La Balada," which translates to "The Ballad," which is exactly what this is: A Spanish-language ballad, with begins with acoustic guitar  and smooth, confident vocals and ends with some heavy guitars and a louder sound. A nice surprise to cap off a otherwise very hard-rocking album.

"7 Synns" is the kind of album that I'll listen to often. It's the kind of modern heavy metal that pays tribute to the earlier stuff and it's a ton of fun to listen to.

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