"Death After Life" (Necropolis/Deathvomit; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann

One of the perks of reviewing music is the wide range of music that gets delivered to me. Impaled's "Death After Life" is one such CD to cross my desk and, let me tell you, this was a musical stretch for me. 

I really liked the extreme hard music of this band but I am not much of a fan of growling vocals and this band has its share. Still, I found myself really getting into the entire picture of this release. 

"Death After Life" has introduced me into the enjoyable world of sick, perverted metal. Even though I'm not a fan of death metal at all, I thoroughly enjoyed this extremely well executed release. This shit is exceptionally disgusting and a total gas. 

The band may sum up their sound best themselves. Just read these words, taken from the band's website: "Since 1997, the dank corners of the city of Oakland, California have been subject to the brutality of a group out of their minds. The guilty have died and the innocent bled under their watch. Enlivened by a need to pervert goodwill to ill-will, kindness to violence, and care to murder, these hapless individuals known collectively as Impaled have sought nothing less than the complete destruction of all that is good."

Impaled: Jason Kocol, Raul Varela, Ross Sewage and Sean McGrath.

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"Choice Cuts" (Necropolis/Deathvomit)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

"Choice Cuts" includes covers, demos, alternate versions, rare tracks, and other remnants of Impaled's brief yet notorious jaunt through the bowels of metal's bloody carnage.

I'll admit I'm not one to 'choose' to listen to gory death metal, but I'd pick Impaled over many other bands in the genre. Much of the reason why I find Impaled worth listening to has to do with their distinctive riffs and razor-sharp arrangements (things I also noted on my review of "The Dead Shall Dead Remain"). Impaled blend gore metal and grinding death metal in a neat package that even someone like me can like.

The demos don't offer a whole lot new, but the alternate versions show a band working to achieve its notoriety in a workman-like fashion. The four rare tracks are likely to be the reason for Impaled fans and other gore metal fans to pick up "Choice Cuts" - for instance, of the four tracks, "Ingestion Of Colotomic Funk" highlights the under-produced yet still instantly recognizable sound of Impaled from the band's early days.

The covers include Carcass' "Carneous Cacoffiny" (also found on Necropolis Records' tribute to Carcass entitled "Requiems Of Revulsion") and Impetigo's "I Work For The Streetcleaner." I am particularly fond of the Carcass cover and this lengthy version seems to get better with each new spin. 

The cover artwork has already pissed off censors resulting in numerous delays in getting this material to gore fiends the globe over. But, have no fear, Impaled have prevailed and the CD should be on your favorite CD stores' shelves right now. Quite frankly I think the cover art is something that can't be taken too seriously - it's obviously meant to attract attention and - especially in light of today's fascination with realism - "Choice Cuts" is simply just a thorn in the side of people who don't have a clue. 

Gore metal fans should pick up "Choice Cuts" immediately. 

Impaled is Leon del Muerte on low vocals and guitar, Sean McGrath on high vocals and guitar, Ross Sewage on bass, and Raul Varela on drums. 

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"The Dead Shall Remain Dead" (Necropolis/Deathvomit)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Well, now I know what the South Park kids would listen to if they grew up in the inner city and listened to death metal instead of living in idyllic Colorado and singing along with Styx. Impaled's "The Dead Shall Dead Remain" is one hell of a shock to the system. With lyrics that seem just as likely to debate the reasons for Billy Thomas' death as well wonder about the intricate details of disembowelment, Impaled cut no corners when it comes to trampling the edges of metal's extreme boundaries.

Impaled, featuring ex-members of Exhumed, trade the grind of Exhumed for an aggressive death metal style. Let me be the first to announce that the tools of rebellion fit well in the hands of Impaled's maniacal fury. Impaled's collective temperament can be summed up as a band that will win its legion of fans by fighting in the trenches, working up a sweat, and blasting their way into the collective consciousness of metal fans everywhere.

The untrained ear could liken that listening to "The Dead Shall Dead Remain" would be like having a thousand paper cuts - that is to say they'd be implying you wouldn't bleed to death, but you'd be mightily uncomfortable in the process. I beg to differ; "The Dead Shall Dead Remain" is a well-produced onslaught of death metal that just might get a little laugh out of the band's black humor approach.

Be sure to check out Impaled's tight approach leading to great tracks like "Trocar," "Spirits Of The Dead," "Back To The Grave," and "Blood Bath."

"The Dead Shall Dead Remain" was produced by Impaled and mastering was completed by the legendary James Murphy. 

Impaled is Raul Varela on drums, Leon del Muerte on guitar and vocals, Ross Sewage on bass, and Sean McGrath on guitar and vocals. 

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