"Wicked Maiden" (SPV; 2009)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

I first remember hearing Chris Impellitteri on the track "Stand In Line" from the disc of the same name. His guitar prowess blew me away -- faster than the speed of sound and with lighting fast guitar fingers Chris was crowned as the second fastest shredder of all. He even beat out some guy named Yngwie and some other guy named Eddie, but I'm sure they've recovered though. This is the ninth disc from Impelliteri and although they are considered a "Christian" rock band they are not preachy at all and the lyrics are so well written you'll hear a positive tone as you listen to Rob Rock belt out the sounds. Rob has screams a plenty and he hits those high notes with amazing pitch.

Each track on "Wicked Maiden" has a metal riff with soaring vocals and a guitar solo that defies physics. Sounds like my kind of music.  This is the stuff I cut my teeth on and it's good to know that Chris is still burning up his guitar strings all these years after "Stand In Line", which blasted through in 1988. On the track "Hi-School Revolution" you can hear a nod to EVH on the solo. Chris plays with fire but he can also lay down a slow burn to show his talent of melodic soloing. I'm glad I caught back up with Impellitteri and I can't wait for some new music from this master string blaster.

Impelliteri is: Rob Rock - vocals; Chris Impellitteri - guitar; James Amelio Pulli - bass; Brandon Wild - drums.

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"Pedal to the Metal" (SPV; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann

So I slip Impellitteri's CD, "Pedal to the Metal," into my CD player and what I jolt I got! From the first track to the last, "Pedal to the Metal" is simply incredible. 

Guitars thunder through each tune like torpedoes and I wonder why I have never heard to this band. Thanks to the magic of Yahoo! I found some very interesting facts: First, the band is apparently a Christian band. You wouldn't have guessed from listening to this CD. Nothing is shoved down your throat religion-wise. Second, the band has been making music since 1987 ... how the hell did I miss them all these years!

"Pedal to the Metal" does just what its name implies. It slams the pedal to the floor and runs with incredible power and speed throughout. I was blown away by the sheer quality of the music throughout; the force of the guitar is a living thing with this CD. And, not only is the music top notch, the overall songwriting is a thing of beauty. 

"Pedal to the Metal" is truly something special. I dare say that what I heard on "Pedal to the Metal" rivals anything I've heard in metal guitar today ... and I'm talking about Steve Vai or Joe Satriani, too. This cat Chris Impellitteri is that good.  I don't make that statement lightly and only after careful consideration, but Impellitteri's "Pedal to the Metal" is easily one of the best CD's I've heard this year. What a treat to review this CD!

Impellitteri: Glen Sobel, Curtis Skelton, Chris Impellitteri, James Amelio Pulli. 

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