"The Infernal Storm" (Relapse; 2000)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Rejoice, ye sinners, rejoice! Incantation has returned with "The Infernal Storm."

As I've grown more comfortable with the brutal death metal form only a few bands in the genre have truly impressed me. Incantation is one of those bands.

The eight tracks presented here are furiously fast and spewing of hate and religious intolerance. Liberally sprinkled throughout the songs are strong elements of thrash and pure death metal - this makes the "The Infernal Storm" an achievement. Incantation's songs never get caught in a rut as most brutal metal bands are often guilty of. The musical dexterity and varied paces shown by Incantation prove to be evidence of the band's long-standing and well-earned praise. The tracks that stand out are dark rumble of "Sempiternal Pandemonium," the simple brutality of "Extinguishing Heaven," the coarse punishment of "Lustful Demise," and the "Seasons Of The Abyss"-era Slayer-like drama of "Nocturnal Kingdom Of Demonic Enlightenment."

What I like about "The Infernal Storm" is the fact that I hear some European metal influences in the mix; for instance, I hear European influence the vein of God Dethroned rather than the American brutal death influence of Immolation. This makes the CD all the more tolerable and enjoyable.

Although I am not a big fan of brutal death metal vocals Mike Saez does an admirable job on "The Infernal Storm." 

Fans of the brutal death metal genre will simply love "The Infernal Storm" and may very well need a stretcher after experiencing this blast-fest. Fans of other metal genres should, at the very least, appreciate the fact that Incantation have added another facet to their illustrious legacy yet again. 

"The Infernal Storm" was produced by Incantation and Bill Korecky (Six Feet Deep, Asphalt).

Incantation is Mike Saez on vocals and guitar, John McEntee on guitars, Robert Yench on bass, and Dave Culross on session drums. 

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