"Signals Screaming" (Cyclone Records; 2006)

Reviewed by Snidermann


Glory be to the metal gods! Metal music today is awesome and, with bands like Inner Surge pumping out the music, it can only get better. 

"Signals Screaming" is in-your-face from the start and really does not let go until the last note fades away. The music jams hard and heavy and, mixed with screaming but controlled vocals, makes this a completely enjoyable CD. 

As I mentioned above, the vocals here are harsh screams yet you can understand every word that is said. When you sit back and listen to this CD, it will transport you to the universe of Inner Surge. When a band can do that, they have done their job and Inner Surge have done it very well here. 

The range of musical expression on this CD is stunning and the band goes from hard rock and heavy metal to very well done ballads, which they do equally efficiently. 

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"Signals Screaming" (Cyclone Records; 2006)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers


Inner Surge is a Canadian metal/hard rock band that is politically charged. Their singer, when singing, has a decent voice. When he screams, however, he sounds like an angry beast that is about to rip its prey apart. The guitar is full force and never lets up. The drums are double bass with machine gun accuracy. With all that aggression bleeding from my speakers I listened to this soundtrack for brutality and let it simmer inside me.

Inner Surge leans mostly toward political issues, and do so with such anger in their vocal delivery that it becomes more like a soap box speech with the speaker throwing the eggs and tomatoes instead of vice versa. It gets a little old after a while so I focused on the guitar. The guitar has an old school sound to it and some nice fillers can be heard if you can get past the squawking singer. In this world of politically charged issues, a voice of debate would better suit a band of this substance instead of a screaming banshee.

Inner Surge: Steve Moore vocals; Scott Taylor guitars; Bryan Sandan drums; Jim Fernandes bass.

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