"King of Fools" (Edge Records; 2005)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

While listening to this disc I got out my Dymo label maker and started squeezing out the word “interesting.” Insane can sound like three different bands. Lead singer Knapp Oszkar has a singing voice like Neil Fallon of Clutch but when he screams he sounds like Dani from Cradle of Filth. That's part of the reason I describe this disc as "interesting." When Knapp vocalizes -- in three different "voices" -- the song structure changes as well. I’ve listened to other bands attempt this feat and they ruined any chance of conveying their sound to my ears.

I like the guitar of Insane because it’s played very well and it’s not rammed down your throat but aimed more at your head. Insane sound a lot like Godsmack in the rhythm guitar area; they are down-tuned and powerful. There are no guitar solos but there is a ton of guitar filler; they create a song with all they can give to it. Sometimes a song won't work for about the first minute and then the band switches to a clean sound and that’s when Knapp changes vocal styles. When Knapp screams, the music fits with his voice. It's brooding and vicious. When Knapp sings, the music follows his lead again. If you broke this album into three parts, you would have three different sounding EP’s.

I listened to this disc all day on my MP3 player and it never got boring because it changes from song to song. They do lean toward a hardcore sound on many tracks and the disc ends with an odd sounding intro and then a rap/core finish. I had to check the track list because I thought it switched to a different band. I can feel a real passion from these guys. They haven’t just manufactured an album; they’ve poured their guts into this project. I need to mention the drums because they power each song even when the tempo changes.

The most insane cuts here are “Last Lucky Day,” “Army Of Cheaters,” “ICBad,” “Scare The Crows,” and “Downtown.”

Insane: Knapp Oszkar – vocals; Ersek Gabor – drums; Kadar Laszio – guitar; Lehelvari Peter – bass; Bende Imre – guitar.

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"King of Fools" (Edge Records; 2005)

Reviewed by Snidermann

"King of Fools," by Hungary's Insane, is extremely well done, ranging from stylish rock'n'roll to vigorous heavy metal from one beat to the next.  

"King of Fools" rocks hard and heavy, with enough style points for two bands.  I had a hard time trying to figure out this CD at first; one of the two vocalists here sings more softly and is easy to understand while the other screams and is very hard to understand.  

This CD sounds like it was created by a band that's been around for some time and they rock like they have known each other forever. If you like high quality, high intensity music, check out "King of Fools." You will not be disappointed.

Insane: Knapp Oszkar – vocals; Ersek Gabor – drums; Kadar Laszio – guitar; Lehelvari Peter – bass; Bende Imre – guitar.

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