"Blood" (Century Media; 2013)

Reviewed by Austin Rogers

In This Moment have released their fourth disc, "Blood," and it is full of dark lyrics and great guitar riffs.

The second song, title track and first single, "Blood," has heavy guitar and loud vocals that make you turn it up till you can’t hear yourself scream. The third song and second single, "Adrenalize," has wicked guitar riffs all over it. The fifth track, "You’re Going to Listen," has an awesome solo. The 30-second song, "It is Written," sounds like a demon ritual. The tenth track, "From the Ashes," has some great harmony and killer guitar riffs.

Interesting note: Chris Howorth (lead guitar), left the band right after the making of “Blood” to play for "American Idol" star James Durbin.

This band will have you on your knees praying for more with their brain-rotting lyrics and industrial Metalcore rock.

In This Moment: Maria Brink – lead vocals, piano; Chris Howorth – lead guitar, backing vocals; Randy Weitzel – rhythm guitar; Travis Johnson - bass guitar; Tom Hane – drums, percussions.

In This Moment is going to perform at rockfest 2013 in Kansas City, MO.

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"The Dream" (Century Media; 2008)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

What a gem! In This Moment have crafted an exciting and powerful disc. Lead singer Maria Brink has a beautiful voice and she can mesmerize you with her strong sense of presence. Their first disc was chock full of singing and screaming and Maria wanted to focus more on her vocal range for this go around. Just because she focused on a clean release doesn't mean that it's forty-two minutes of tunnel vision; there are highs and lows and she will gladly take you on the ride, all you need is a dark room with a chance to dream once it's over.

The musicianship is excellent and sometimes a hint of Lacuna Coil might appear around the corner but I think that In This Moment stand alone in their quest to make great music. Although they are considered American metalcore this disc isn't a 180 from that sound but 100% hard rock and alternative metal combined. The harmonies that she produces are some of the best you will hear.

The guitar is very well played with solos aplenty and each song is a chapter with a type of story added to a common theme, the disc starts with "Into The Dream: The Rabbit Hole" and ends with "The Rabbit Hole: The Dream." While writing this review I could sense the journey unfolding and the seams are strong enough to let each song end and the resonation linger while you anticipate the next songs introduction.

Chapter 9, "Empires Fall And Rise Again: The Great Divide," starts out with Maria's trademark screams and she interjects them during the song. It almost seems out of place except for the lyrics that reflect the struggle.

In This Moment: Maria Brink – vocals, piano; Chris Howarth – lead guitar; Blake Bunzel – guitar; Jesse Landry – bass; Jeff Fabb – drums.

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"Beautiful Tragedy" (Century Media; 2007)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

This is the first disc from In This Moment. Maria Brink has a powerful voice. She can calm you with her soothing vocals but she can also scream your eyebrows off if you get too close.

Back in 2007, In This Moment were considered Metalcore and alternative metal. They have matured since then but this disc is the one that put them on the map. The music is heavy in spots and then acoustically tranquil at times. The blend is very well done and the music moves the disc along rapidly. "Beautiful Tragedy" picks up during the end which is a nice pace compared to how some metal discs usually end.

In This Moment: Vocals – Maria Brink; Guitar – Chris Howorth; Bass – Jesse Landry; Guitar – Blake Bunzel; Drums – Jeff Fabb.

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