"The Incurable Tragedy" (Century Media; 2008)

Reviewed by Metal Mark

Canadian progressive death metal band Into Eternity’s fifth release is a concept album about cancer. Guitarist Tim Roth lost two close friends and his father to cancer within a three month period.

The music is full of progressive turns, death metal hammering and other bits mixed in. There is no doubt about the amount of varying parts and the fact that the technical ability is present. I still felt like I was inside a blender with all these pieces just swirling and diving around. Diversity and quantity are all well and good if the parts complement one another or in some way work together. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the band kept creating all of these components, but most of them just didn’t stick or make an impression.

Now, I can take a loose structure, but most of the songs felt like they were getting the “throw in everything but the kitchen sink” treatment. They twist and turn all over the place, but instead of coming across as intense or aggressive it just seems frantic and even a little desperate at times. There are only a few genuine moments or bursts where I really felt like the band was connecting on anything of interest.

Technical ability is fine, but it doesn’t serve anyone if you don’t use it to its fullest. I applaud the band for doing a topic that was so personal to them because I am sure that it isn’t easy to take a tragedy like that and put it into a format that would go out to the public. However, for me at least, the music just never does enough to catch my attention or draw me in because inevitably I was just left feeling like this was a scrambled mess lacking any musical angle that would make me interested in it.

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"The Scattering of Ashes" (Century Media; 2006)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Canadian power metal troupe Into Eternity play like a less self-congratulatory Dream Theater gone death metal on "The Scattering of Ashes," the quartet's 11-track affair. 

Relentless drums stand out across the board, as a twin death growl / power metal shrill vocal gymnastic performance sets the music tone and shifts from progressive metal wizardry to arena metal anthem to accelerated speed metal bedlam on tracks such as "Suspension of Disbelief."

Challenging the genre's conventions through odd time signatures, inhuman bursts of speed, sustained high-pitched yells, and soul crushing lows, tracks like "Eternal" assist Into Eternity in making the hybrid sound of Shadows Fall, Nevermore, and Megadeth its own in grand fashion. 

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"Buried in Oblivion" (Century Media; 2004)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

The virtuoso metal outfit known as Into Eternity is back with another dose of Canadian cacophony on "Buried In Oblivion," the band's latest metal opus. 

This quintet's stark metal sound is symphonic as death metal can be, with a huge chunk of guitar hero-doom thrown in for a mind boggling listening experience. Mesh the power of Dream Theater, Rush, and Strapping Young Lad, and what do you get? Into Eternity's musical wizardry, dear readers, and it is undeniable, even if the immense musical diversity at times may seem a bit contrived. 

Tracks such as the death growled "Embraced By Desolation" and the adrenaline draining "Beginning of the End" embody the perfect meeting of progressive and death metal, keeping the overall sound ultra-heavy and extremely grandiose without losing any ground. 

While those that feel less is more may feel musically hung-over after a few tracks, those that endorse shredding guitars, endless solos, and countless time signature changes need to add this to their collection. 

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