"Issues" (Rise; 2014)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Issues are nu-metal, Metalcore and R&B. Yeah, you read that correctly. Want to know what makes these guys sound so different? It's those three elements combined, the nu-metal which mixes grunge, hip-hop and hardcore punk; the Metalcore which infuses extreme metal and hardcore punk (that's how they got the name) in which a technical guitar proudly emerges; R&B, well, I think you can try to imagine what it might sound like but you'd have to dive in to find out. No standing on the edge of the pool now.

Most know what Metalcore has to offer and nu-metal (well, I hadn't heard any of that genre for awhile) and R&B ... a slow jam is always good for a time. Issues have a great sound, sometimes disjointed because there is so much going on in a song but cool nonetheless. It's not predictable, that's for sure. So, why not give them a listen?

I think a lot of fans of the three types of music that Issues play would not be in the same room together so it helps that two of the genres can play off of each other. R&B doesn't have any screaming but they have great beats; Metalcore appeals to those who like technical guitar and some anger on the side -- it's surely not for everyone. I liked a few of the tracks and others I could leave behind. These guys are either forging a new sound or they are way ahead of their time.

Issues: Tyler Carter - clean vocals; Michael Bohn - unclean vocals; AJ Rebollo - guitar; Tyle "Scout" Acord - keys, synth, programming, turntables; Skyler Acord - bass.

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