"The Iron Maidens" (DRZ Records; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Despite the fact that the front cover of their CD plainly states: "World's only female tribute to Iron Maiden," the Iron Maidens are much more than just a tribute band. They are not only incredibly talented musicians who do justice to the band they are paying tribute to, but they give the classic Iron Maiden songs on this CD a vibrancy and a unique sound all of their own.

The five female members of The Iron Maidens don't just have the licks of the legendary metal band down, but they've got the band's original hungry attitude and metal fury here as well. Vocalist Aja Kim (aka Bruce Lee Chickinson) does an incredible job singing the tunes that Bruce Dickinson made famous, making them her own and paying respect to the great Maiden vocalist himself. And, while all of the Iron Maidens are stunningly strong musicians, bassist Wanda Ortiz (aka Steph Harris) should be singled out for mastering the infamously difficult and complicated bass work of Maiden's Steve Harris.

There are differences between the original Iron Maiden records and the work that the Iron Maidens do here but that's as it should be. A straight-forward interpretation would be dull and "been-there, done-that." Instead, the Iron Maidens makes these classics seem fresh, dynamic and almost new.

There's not a bad track on the CD but standouts here include "Two Minutes to Midnight," "Aces High" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name." Plus, the hidden track, a live version of "Remember Tomorrow," is especially impressive because it proves the band is as good live on stage as they are in the studio.

Iron Maiden fans will love what The Iron Maidens have done here.

The Iron Maidens: Josephine Draven ("Adrianne Smith") - guitar; Sara Marsh ("MiniMurray") - guitar; Linda McDonald ("Nikki McBURRain") - drums; Wanda Ortiz ("Steph Harris") - bass; Aja Kim ("Bruce Lee Chickinson") - vocals.

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