"Be Dangerous on Rock Guitar" (Jumping Jupiter; 2007)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


The Jennifer Echo show a lot of spunk and style on this four track EP and that's a good thing because they're going to need a lot of both to keep their heads above the current glut of pop punk sound-alike's who are all fighting for their piece of the finite radio airplay available.

At their best, The Jennifer Echo have a stronger guitar sound and a biting alternative edge that pulls them away from spongerock bands that sound just like every other band out there. On "Be Dangerous on Rock Guitar," the first and third track are the strongest because of these factors, while track four hangs on just by the skin of its teeth.

At their worst, The Jennifer Echo is just another in the seemingly endless parade of pop heavy indie bands whose sound all blurs together into one melted pot of indiscernible notes. "There's a Halo," track two on this CD, probably fits in this category.

Still, if the ratio on this EP holds true for the band's forthcoming full-length CD, 75% of the music there should be pretty good. That's not a bad percentage to look forward to, by any means.

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