"Legiones Del Sur" (Cruz Del Sur; 2003)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton


"Legiones Del Sur" is a killer power metal album that brings to mind the work of such genre legends as Helloween, Gamma Ray and, to some degree, Stratovarius.

Hailing from Argentina, Jezabel have the necessary chops to pull off the power metal sound without either overdoing it or undermining it. Vocalist Leandro Coronel sounds a lot like Helloween's Mike Kiske (if he sang in Spanish), and that's a good thing. Keyboards are used effectively and never overused (with the possible exception of on "Miro Atras"). The songs are fast paced and have that epic sound to them, but they never go too far into cliché territory or veer too far away from the classic genre sound.

Except for track 2, "Sigue Un Paso Mas," "Legiones Del Sur" may not be as complicated or as sophisticated as the works of other bands in this genre. Nothing else on this CD is as complex - either writing-wise or in musicianship - as the works of the bands mentioned previously. Still, there isn't a bad or dull song on the entire CD. "Legiones Del Sur" is definitely worth the time of any power metal fan.

This CD also contains a video for the song "Sigue Un Paso Mas."

Jezabel: Leandro Coronel - vocals; Nestor Rodríguez - guitar; Diego Del Río - guitar; Omar Liste - keyboards; Gustavo Florio - bass; Guillermo Saccomanno - drums.

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