"Sinner" (Blackheart Records; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Joan Jett returns with her trademark wall of guitar chords sound and a smart, sneering attitude to deliver fourteen tracks that will have you tapping your toes, pumping your fist and smiling knowingly as she sings about sex, politics and love.

You know Joan's fed up when she starts the CD with "Riddles," a scathing, anti-bullshit number that isn't afraid to point fingers. She keeps things moving by going right into a cover of Sweet's classic "A.C.D.C.," which takes on new meaning when performed by a female artist. And from then on it's more hard rocking tracks, a couple of soulful ballads and some experimental stuff ("Fetish" is enough to make anyone blush). There's not a dud in the bunch, although each track is soundly different than another. 

It took Joan a number of years to return to studio recording (unless you count "Naked," her previous international-only CD of two or three years ago, which contains some earlier versions of the songs that appear on "Sinner.") But it was worth the wait. Her superior songwriting, the talent of the Blackhearts and her unmistakable big guitar sound work as well today as when she was playing "I Love Rock'n'Roll" way back in the day.

The Blackhearts: Joan Jett - guitar and vocals; Thommy Price - drums; Dougie Needles - guitar; Enzo Penzzotto - bass; Kenny Laguna - keyboards.

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