"G.A.S." (Spider Rock; 2017)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

At first blush, Joke Addiction's "G.A.S." (Get Away Simply) reminded me of early Guns N' Roses. They had the sleazy guitar, the screechy vocals and the hard rock drive that kept this EP moving forward.

Of course, as the EP played on, I began to notice subtle differences, the first of which was the brave vocals choices made by lead singer Andrea Campisi. Andrea sings with an Axl Rose kind of vibe but isn't afraid to take it up a notch, delivering some memorable high-pitched moments that really stand out from the rest of the music.

But it isn't just Andrea that makes Joke Addiction so listenable. It's the band's ability to capture that Los Angeles rock'n'roll feel (despite the fact  the band is from Italy) that really stands out. If these guys had come out during the Sunset Strip era heyday, they'd have been huge. They've got the style and the attitude down. You can feel it as the EP plays through.

Sadly there's only four tracks here so it's hard to judge the band overall. I can tell you that the four tracks here are intriguing and that I look forward to hearing more from the band. Hopefully, a full-length album is due soon.

Joke Addiction: Andrea Campisi (Voice and Guitar), Simone Giglio (Bass) and Carmelo Di Natale (Drums).

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