"Get What You Give" (Elvair Entertainment / Universal Canada; 2006) 

Reviewed by Edwin Van Hoof

Sass Jordan ruled the rocking hardlands awhile in the early nineties with her amazing releases “Racine” (“Make You a Believer”) and “Rats” (“High Road Easy” and “Pissin’ Down”). Her music was tough, ballsy and true at heart, focusing on her powerful voice and attitude. After her hit singles, however, it became kinda quiet, though she still released quite a few CDs through time. Now, Sass has released “Get What You Give." 

The music on "Get What You Give" is much more laid back, melodic blues rock, packed with emotional heartfelt ballads, impressive slide guitars, and a drop dead gorgeous remake of the Creedence classic “Have You Ever Seen The Rain.” It is especially this song that showcases the immense strength and power captured within the lovely Sass. Her emotional and soaring voice is powerful and passionate and exposes her soul. The cover song is an exquisite heartfelt version that tops the original, something that was unthinkable until now. Yes, it tops the original! Newly arranged and with a passionate warmth not often heard.

And that is exactly what this CD carries a lot of: power, warmth and passion. Jordan colors the slow movers and ballads with her soaring, rough voice, creating some unforgettable moments throughout the emotional "How Do I Get It Right?" and “What You Gonna Do?" “I Want More” is packed with amazing slide guitar playing, and the superb tearjerkers, like “The Feeling’s Gone” and “Even,” feature ear tingling choruses. 

In between these fingerlicking beauties there’s a just a little step up in terms of rock. Sass and her gang never go full throttle, but the 70s-tinged rockers like “Shuffle” or the Stones-esque “Love’s Like Rain” are simply irresistible. “Torn in Two” even has a bar'n'grill feeling with its boogie style and could easily be featured on the soundtrack of a film like "Roadhouse." Slow movers and ballads are all over this CD and all are delivered with sheer passion and a powerful voice from the amazing and gorgeous Sass Jordan. 

Maybe this is all a little too much emotion for the harder rockers, but I personally advise everyone to at least check it out for a run or two. The songs are catchy and packed with true emotion while the lyrics occasionally have the Sass-attitude twist. This silver spinner will provide you with a ton of great fireplace moments with your beloved, something worth a ton as well! The record might not offer a lot of up tempo moments, but that's something you hardly miss when you take the time to discover the amazing music Jordan offers on “You Get What You Give.” Forget your ballad collection CDs and grab this one instead. 

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A classic. This record will kick your ass.

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So-so. You've heard better.

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