"Damned If I Do ... Damned If I Don't" (Starry Eyes; 2001) 

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Some might consider the artist's name listed on this CD a little deceiving. Sure, ex-Tigertailz vocalist Steevi Jaimz is featured on every track herein. But this isn't a new Steevi Jaimz CD, it's a collection of previously unreleased material from bands that Jaimz was in. (Of course, the large "Steevi Jaimz 1982 - 1994" should give potential listeners a clue). 

Gathered on this CD is the complete "Kick the Habit" EP by St. Jaimz, pre-Tigertailz songs by Crash K.O. and post-Tigertailz tunes by War Party and Jaimz Gang. Fans of Steevi Jaimz will be particularly pleased because, according to the liner notes, "much of this stuff has never been previously available, even on the tape trading scene."

"Damned If I Do ..." is a collection of 80's-sounding hair / glam metal that neither shines nor is particularly bad. It's just sort of there. There are a song or two that stand above - "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" still has quite a poppy punch and the strangely Ozzy-like "Gods Will Fly" rocks smooth and hard. 

As a whole, however, "Damned If I Do..." is really only for huge Steevi Jaimz fans and Tigertailz completists. The stuff herein rocks well enough, but it shows its age as well - whether or not it was written and/or recorded ten or fifteen years ago.

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