"Time Passes" (Now & Then / Frontiers; 2001)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I admit to being somewhat of a Night Ranger fan, especially when they first hit the scene, oh, so many years ago. But the band quickly petered out, as far as I was concerned, shortly after that debut, as their music lost much of its bite and become much more radio friendly with later albums.

"Time Passes," the first solo album by Night Ranger vocalist/drummer Kelly Keagy, will put a smile back on the faces of those fans who feel as I do - that Night Ranger started out with a bang but went out with a whimper. "Time Passes" rocks harder than most of what Night Ranger did but it always maintains its melodiousness. Even when things slow down a bit, as on the title track and "Too Much To Ask," this CD keeps an edge that later Night Ranger projects lost.

The best songs, for the most part, are the rockers - "Anything Goes," "Acid Rain," "Before Anybody Knows I'm Gone" and 'Bottle Up." "The Journey," with the pace of a ballad but with lyrics that are especially poignant, is also a high point as is the title track.

Overall, those disappointed with some of Night Ranger's latter work will be pleasantly surprised by "Time Passes." The songs are well-written (and many times co-written by Keagy's Night Ranger bandmembers and Survivor's John Peterek) and the CD extremely well-produced. Plus it rocks like a bad boy.

Performing on "Time Passes" are: Kelly Keagy - vocals, drums, guitar, bass, keyboards; Brian Bart - fretless bass, keyboards.

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