"Krek" (Candlelight USA; 2005)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Norwegian black metal troupe Khold keeps the evil at a medium pace and the overall sound clean but heavy on its latest endeavor, "Krek." 

On the group’s 10-track offering, rather than blind your senses with blistering guitars and rapid-fire rhythms, songs like "Oskorei" maintain an ominous beat which allow the guitar’s diabolic progressions to ring out in a semi-doomy state, while "Lysets Fluk"  finds the outfit toying with blast beats before nestling into a nefarious pattern of slow churned devastation.

Weighing in with mid tempo majestics and metallic might combined, Khold’s brand of pronounced extreme metal appeals to the Sabbath folks on down to fans of Dimmu Borgir and Emperor. 

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"Morke Gravers Kammer" (Candlelight USA; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Khold was formed by former members of Tulus. Though I am familiar with Tulus from the odd track here and there on various compilations, I am at a loss to describe Khold vis-à-vis their official connection to Tulus. However, I do know that I thoroughly enjoyed Khold's sophomore release "Phantom" as its mid-paced take on black metal was most interesting.

What Khold lacks in sheer menace or aggressiveness the band more than makes up for it due to the icy feel of the music's polished sheen and dark edges. With "Morke Gravers Kammer," Khold manage to take the blueprint created for "Phantom" and add selected doses of speed and aggression to the overall mix. While Khold have managed to move a bit closer to the typical black metal sound, do not mistake that Khold have joined the legions of cookie-cutter black metal bands. In fact, Khold have retained a lot of the rhythmic 'groove' that they established on "Phantom." Quite frankly, I like the way Khold juxtapose their riffs and 'melodies' together. However, the 'melodies' are more like gothic accentuations rather than devices that carry the songs.

Once again Khold have chosen to sing in their native Norwegian tongue. Of course this makes it difficult to tell you exactly what the band is singing about, but as I understand it the thematic topic generally has to do with the process of souls being taken from the dead. This dark subject matter fits in perfectly with the chilling nature of the band's music.

A video for the track "Dod" is included.

"Morke Gravers Kammer" was mastered by Espen Berg.

Khold is Gard on vocals and guitar, Rinn on guitar, Grimd on bass, and Sarke on drums.

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