"Reality on a Finer Scale" (Propain; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Sounding vaguely like a cross between Evanescence, Nine Inch Nails and the edgier side of Courtney Love, KHZ's "Reality on a Finer Scale" is a dark, somber work of art that alternately kicks your ass, envelopes you in atmosphere or keeps you guessing with its remarkably soulful vocals and techno edge.

As you might expect, "Reality on a Finer Scale" is at its best when it's doing the ass-kicking, with buzzing, wall-of-sound guitars, faster rhythms, the angry screams of vocalist Raiana and lyrics that are peppered with profanity and sheer attitude. The first track, "It's Yours," is perhaps the best example of this, with Raiana nearly beside herself with rage and contempt for someone seeking fame.

The CD slows down often but never loses even a hint of its overall atmospheric impact. It may be a little disconcerting going from a raging rocker like "Let It Go" to a dark, eerie ballad like "Stay All Night" but the band's versatility and expertise in various tempos is impressive. I also liked the way the band occasionally throws in electronic effects that take the listener by surprise and bring them back into the moment.

A fascinating and powerful recording, "Reality on a Finer Scale" doesn't rock consistently enough for those solely interested in banging their head but offers something with substantially more depth for those seeking substance as well.

KHZ: Raiana - vocals; Damon Kahn - drums; Pull - guitars; Nicholas Fakis - bass.

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