"Insider" (Consytech Limited; 2003)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Kingcrow's "Insider" is a just short of brilliant concept album about a pair of lifelong friends and their very different reactions to a hi-tech genetic project. 

Musically, the band combines a slick progressive rock with a hint of heavy metal. Think of the work of King's X or Fates Warning and you'll get a pretty good idea of the Kingcrow sound. Kingcrow musicianship and songwriting skills may not have reached the level of those bands, but the overall sound is similar. The one downside here is that many of the songs sound just like what they are - chapters in a sonic novel. Separately, they may lack charisma and potency; together as an album, they make for a great listen. In other words, listen to your copy from beginning to end in one sitting. The sum is much better than the parts.

Story-wise, the CD succeeds beautifully. "Insider" is told in a vivid and very clear way that makes the story come to life. The spoken word breaks - designed to move the story along - are helpful, but seem to get in the way on subsequent listenings. "Insider" would seemed more consistent if the band had left the spoken word segments printed on the insert and not vocalized on the CD. 

Still, that's a minor annoyance. The bottom line is that "Insider" is a very interesting and listenable record and one recommended for fans of the heavier side of progressive rock.

Kingcrow: Mauro Geisomini - all lead and backing vocals; Diego Cafolla - lead and rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards; Ivan Nastasi - lead and rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar; Thundra Cafolla - drums; Matteo Trinei - bass.

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