"Sense Your Darkness" (Leviathan; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Kinrick's "Sense Your Darkness" is a power metal album that adds a little ... well, darkness ... to the traditional power metal sound. Rather than featuring shredding guitars, epically written tunes and lyrics about great battles and / or knight in armor, "Sense Your Darkness" weaves a sinister web of all its own. The result is a power metal album that delivers the impact fans of the genre love and yet gives it a unique twist at the same time.

Buoyed by the unique vocal stylings of Stephen Fredrick (ex-KENZINER and FIREWIND) and the powerful guitar of Corbin King (not to mention the tight drum work of  Stian Kristoffersen of PAGAN'S MIND and throbbing bass of former ZANISTER bassist James Martin, "Sense Your Darkness" is solid and consistent throughout its ten tracks. That will be no surprise to those who know the name of David T. Chastain and the fact that he wrote and produced this CD. And both songwriting and production values are stars here.

A power metal album for those fans who are tired of the clichés, "Sense Your Darkness" will open your eyes to the potential of a genre that is unfortunately well-known for often sounding the same.

Kinrick: Stephen Fredrick - vocals; Corbin King - guitar; Stian Kristofferson - drums; James Martin - bass.

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