"Generation Goodbye" (AFM; 2016)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Generation Goodbye," by Kissin' Dynamite, is a melodic metal album that draws you in from the opening track and pulls you through the entire CD from beginning all the way through to the epic final track, "Utopia." And you'll be glad to go along. It's full of soaring vocals, irresistible choruses, some killer guitar leads and production that makes the entire album seem bigger than it should be.

Despite the fact that my good friend Mike SOS reviewed the band's "Money, Sex & Power" in 2012 (see below), I never had the pleasure of hearing the band until now. I wasn't sure what to expect. "Kissin' Dynamite" sounded a little like a Sunset Strip band (which Mike mentioned in his review). I don't hear any Sunset Strip here myself. What I hear is hard rock, sometimes edging into metal territory, buoyed by incredible songwriting and a melodic sound that sometimes nearly slips in prog rock territory. And the lyrics have substance as well, discussing issues such as social media and more. This is not an album all about partying and getting high, not at all.

"Generation Goodbye" is the kind of album that you hear, you like and you can't wait to go back and explore the band's back catalog. That's exactly what I'm going to do. I'll be listening to "Generation Goodbye" for a long time to come, and I'm looking forward to digging out the band's earlier CDs and giving them a listen, too.

Kissin' Dynamite: Hannes Braun (vocals); Jim Muller (guitar); Ande Braun (guitar); Steffen Haile (bass); Andreas Schnitzer (drums).

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"Money, Sex & Power" (AFM; 2012)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

German quintet Kissin’ Dynamite mash up Sunset Strip hair metal histrionics with a steady stream of power metal bravado on their 10-track release, "Money, Sex & Power."

Championing the rock'n'roll lifestyle both lyrically (“Club 27”) and musically (“She’s A Killer”), this brazen unit keeps the riffs brawny (“Sex is War”), the attitude colossal (“I Will Be King”) and the brainpower staggeringly low (“Dinosaurs Are Still Alive”), aiming below the belt to make hips shake with a third-hand bluesy swagger (“Six Feet Under”) oozing with candy-coated melody and bad boy charm as only the sleaziest and grittiest in the game can muster.

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