"Illusions of Loudness" (Mechanical Bull Recordings; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter


I was forewarned by my esteemed editor that Life In The Sky's "Illusions Of Loudness" was 'very unique.' So I did have some external forces to influence even the first spin of this disc. It wasn't exactly the way to remain completely objective going into my review of "Illusions Of Loudness." However, we are all guilty of influencing each other in some manner, shape, or form at one time or another. My editor knows all too well how I will spout off positive things about my favorite bands before he's even had a chance to hear them.

For what it is worth, "Illusions Of Loudness" is fairly progressive and fairly heavy in a doomy kind of way. The progressive nature of the disc lies in the fact that the songs are not linear, paint-by-numbers kind of tunes. Hell, even the album is non-linear which only amplifies the overall effect. And, in that respect, my editor was 100% on the money with his description of Life In The Sky.

The freedom of not having to resort to a verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus structure is that the riffs and additional otherworldly notes and sounds can go where the artists' heart desires. "Illusions Of Loudness" moves from catharsis to acceptance to confusion to alienation to rage to calm at various points. It's my guess that the duo of Dave Campbell and Andrew Dickson have some very interesting experiences to creatively express through their music.

Overall, fans of music (both hard rock and heavy metal) that aren't afraid to delve into something that a little off the beaten path will appreciate Life In The Sky's "Illusions Of Loudness."

"Illusions Of Loudness" was produced, recorded, and mixed by Dave Campbell. The production is good for an independent release. Overall, the disc's sound density is a bit muddled. But perhaps that was an intended effect.

Life In The Sky: Dave Campbell on vocals and all instruments except drums, and Andrew Dickson on drums.

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