"The Delores Lesion" (The End; 2004)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Based in Georgia, Lilitu have all but ignored American metal influences and styles and fully embraced European metal influences and styles. On top of this I have carried the disappointment of never having seen the band live; a few years back I was held up in traffic and missed one of their performances at a now defunct club here in Maryland. So it was with great anticipation that I listened to Lilitu’s “The Delores Lesion.”

As you might guess, the Lilitu sound has more to do with Swedish melodic death metal and various European/Scandinavian influences. One simple spin of “The Delores Lesion” made me imagine it as similar to “The Jester Race” era In Flames with the sonic density of symphonic black metal and some of the progressive touches only achieved of by bands like Opeth. However, most of the songs on “The Delores Lesion” are compact, never straying too far from their central riffs.

The songs are heavily emotive. The combined effect of Swedish death metal intensity and black metal oppressiveness is enough to provide the songs with a weight of a weary soul. The raspy vocals add an additional chilling effect to the hopelessness expressed in the lyrics.

“The Delores Lesion” is a solid record that makes the nearly 37 minutes seem effortless and complete. I know a record is good when I immediate press play again after it is over. For the short time I devoted to listening to and reviewing “The Delores Lesion” it was my constant companion. When at home it was in my computer playing on constant rotation and if I had to go somewhere I took it with me in the car – that should tell you something. Very impressive.

“The Delores Lesion” was produced by Jason Piona.

Lilitu: Derek Bonner on vocals and guitar, Jason Piona on guitars, and Corey Long on drums. Bass performances by Jason Piona.

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