"The Hosts" (Self-produced; 2014)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

This is Lions Among Wolves' first full-length release. They started with a demo on Facebook entitled "Mind of a Child" and that grew into the "Dreamer" EP. Now they've unleashed "The Hosts," ten songs with an intro that will prep you for the coming onslaught of metalcore you might not recover from ... well, you'll be ready for round two after a brief rest.

Musically superb in their delivery, Lions Among Wolves press their sound to its limits with excellent technical guitar, earthquake drums, a bass sound that would thump Sasquatch into submission and with gruff and clean vocals. There is something here for anybody who loves metal in all its forms of aggression.

Usually with metalcore, the sound and originality of a band is defined by the guitarist. Zac Buras has plenty of guitar prowess and can lay down a vicious riff while leading you into his guitar dungeon for a short blast solo or a bridge that burns the rest of the track up until it ends. Zac also has some acoustics on this disc. His sound is full and never rushed, sometimes djent with a hint of progressiveness and always italicizing towards the meaty metal sound. The guitar shines on this disc, all the while it's heightening your senses.

The band as a whole is tight, the drums loosen the earth with their incredible force and there is plenty of drum technique present for any stick smasher to juice out.  The bass forms a wicked trio with the guitar and drums to create a heart-pounding sound. The vocals are gruff when the message needs to be felt but when the clean sound comes in you get a great balance of the vocal delivery.

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"Dreamer" EP (Self-produced; 2012)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Lions Among Wolves caught my attention when I stumbled across the demo for “Mind of a Child” on their Facebook page. It was raw, as in that it wasn’t just a demo but it was raw music, it had teeth and it flexed the guitar, the vocals were right up in your face as well. By the way, “Demo” here must be short for demolition because this EP wrecked my brain with its intensity!

“Dreamer” has four songs: One is a revamp (“Mind of a Child”) and it sounds awesome! They added more flavor to the song and layered it with more guitar which punches it up quite nicely. The other three tracks are stomping monsters and when the drums and bass hit get ready for the guitar and vocals to do the same.

Lions Among Wolves also possess that much needed balance in the vocal department between clean and gruff. It’s almost an internal struggle that’s played out when the guitar comes tromping in to settle the score, or at least take a side. Each song has blast beats from the drums that give it a tough sound and when the gruff vocals start their attack you’d better hold on to something that’s anchored down.

Overall, this EP shows Lions Among Wolves' talent in four metalcore laden tracks (and other styles of music) because the well they draw from is deep with influence. All the elements for great music can be found on “Dreamer.” Hopefully this EP will make way for a full-length disc of great music courtesy of Slidell, Louisiana.

Lions Among Wolves: Vinny Stagni-Vocals; Scott Harpster-Drums; Zac Buras-Guitar; Austin Niel-Guitar/Vocals; Patrick Lloyd-Bass/Vocals.

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