"Turn in Your Friends & Neighbors" (Dreamworks; 2002)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

This four track EP is a preview of things to come when Living Things release their full-length CD later this year.  Judging from the sampling here, that full-length will be something to look forward to.

Living Things are a unique combination of the Ramones' dry punk attitude, the social commentary of Rage Against the Machine, and a simmering tempo the likes of which we don't often hear these days. The band effortlessly morphs stoner rock with modern rock with classic rock and creates something that sounds fresh and new and yet warmly familiar at the same time.

"Bombs Below" starts the EP out with a quirky Type O Negative meets Queens of the Stone Age verve. "Pick Out The Meat" almost ventures into nu-metal territory before grinding into a driving punk rhythm. "Standard Oil Trust" features a funky backbeat that could have been used for a song by the Cars but with a grungy guitar that gives the song new life. Finally, "Bloody Nose" and its Keith Richards' riffage close the CD on yet another interesting note.

All those varied song stylings and Living Things manage to make their own sound consistent throughout. Pretty impressive and - in today's maelstrom of sound-alike rock - surprisingly original at the same time.

Living Things: Lillian Berlin - vocals, guitars; Eric Berlin - bass; Bosh Berlin - drums.

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