"Lunacy" (Demo)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Three tracks is never enough to tell you enough about a band and, with Lunacy, what I need more than anything else to make a completely fair judgment, is more music.

The trio of tracks contained on this demo, "Wasting Away," "Shadowed," and "Bottled Sorrow," are all acceptable rockers in the "Godsmack meets Metallica vein, with gloomy, haunting verses and addictive choruses. But each sounds a bit too much like the other. There's just not enough variety in the three tracks provided. 

That's why I wish I had more songs to gauge the band's originality. As it is, this demo is just okay, although it does show definite signs of potential.

I guess the best compliment I can pay the members of Lunacy is this: After hearing this demo, I am anxious to hear more. Let's hope that more is coming soon.

Lunacy: Doug Baxter - vocals; Darryl Fletcher - guitars; Chris DeCandido - bass; Joe Sarwar - drums. 

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