"Behind a Whisper" (Self-produced; 2005)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"Behind A Whisper" is an interesting combination of progressive rock and power metal that, at various times, brings to mind the spacey-ness of Pink Floyd, the inventiveness of Dream Theater and the sharp prog-metal sound of Helloween.

With only four tracks to sample on this self-produced EP, it's difficult to really tell where Lykaion's sound style is based ... and maybe that's a good thing. The band certainly prevents themselves from being pigeon-holed. It also makes for very interesting listening. You're never quite sure where the band is going next.

The song-writing structure is a little rough here and one gets the feeling that the band isn't quite 100% confident in their abilities and performance as a unit. Neither of which is a major concern. As time flows, Lykaion will naturally improve in their songwriting and their musical performance will only improve. It will be fascinating to see what this band does with a real producer, in a studio with all the bells and whistles, after they've got a few more years of playing together under their belts.

That being said, make no mistake that this is a strong, entertaining collection of unique music. The band may not have come to their full potential, but they've come a long way.

More for fans of bands like Dream Theater than Manowar, Lykaion's "Behind a Whisper" is a sure sign of more good things to come.

Lykaion: Luca Mazzilli - vocals; Fabio Valentini - guitar; Alessandro Sforza - guitar; Valerio Miseferi - bass; Andrew Alberati - drums.

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