"Still Got the Blues" (Charisma; 1990)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

I hope that you’re not reading this review and wondering who Gary Moore is, but I can understand if you are because he is relatively unknown, at least in the U.S. Gary Moore is basically the ultimate blues player because he combines his foundation of rock'n'roll and his experience of playing with legends like Albert Collins and Albert King and uses his blues roots to rip out the grittiest guitar riffs and solos you have ever heard.

Gary Moore started playing guitar with a band called Skid Row in the 70s and it was fronted by a young Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. There is so much history surrounding Moore and his playing that research by anyone other than a devotee would seem overwhelming. The list of names he’s played with would fill two pages or more.

Gary’s playing is unmatched and, unfortunately, unnoticed by too many. I’ll admit, I didn’t know who he was until my guitar buddy Marty played me some of his stuff ten years ago and I’m glad to have been exposed to Gary’s music. When all the music of today starts sounding the same, I can put on any Gary Moore CD and break the norm wide open. After a few listens you’ll want more and Gary has over thirty discs to choose from. It’s a smorgasbord of incredible guitar talent.

“Still Got The Blues” is Gary’s pressure cooker release. He starts and doesn’t let up until the final note but his guitar playing lingers long after, just like the smoky blues bar atmosphere. There are just a few names that can be mentioned when referring to masters of blues guitar and Gary Moore (unfairly) rarely and is. I recommend you give him a listen and let me know what you think: One more person to chat about the talents of Gary Moore is always welcome.

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"Wild Frontier" (Virgin; 1987)

Reviewed by Austin Rogers

"Wild Frontier" has some wicked guitar runs, solos, and Irish-sounding riffs and also has great harmonies throughout. This classic album actually used a drum machine but who listens to the drums on a Gary Moore album anyway?

"Wild Frontier" is one of the greatest tracks on the album with its slow, soothing melodies and when it picks up it slaps you in the face with its Celtic style and solid playing. "Take a Little Time" has a great acoustic intro, then it bounces back with an epic solo. "The Loner" is a great instrumental song with a relaxing guitar sound; it will lift you higher.  

The middle of the disc has a surplus of slower songs and, though it may change the mood, it doesn't hurt the album.

Performing on "Wild Frontier" are: Gary Moore – lead, rhythm & acoustic guitars, lead & backing vocals. Neil Carter – keyboards, backing vocals and Bob Daisley on bass guitar.

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Self explanatory. Just the sight of the cover makes you wanna hurl.

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