"Infiltrate the System" (Ferret; 2007)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Madball sticks to its guns and delivers yet another punch to the gut in the form of "Infiltrate the System." This NYHC mainstay sticks to its roots here, resulting in thirteen hardened tracks displaying this quartet's life experiences of not only surviving in the forgotten, pre-Real World NYC which spawned a groundbreaking hardcore scene still garnishing the utmost respect, but embodying its constant struggle alongside a handful of other stalwart acts. 

It's that kind of hardcore upbringing, stark honesty, and mastery of the style that propels the vicious guitar chugs and rage-ridden vocals found on "Set Me Free" and "Revolt" and sets off the dance floor on cuts such as the lifestyle-justifying "The Messenger" or "No Escape."

As always the case, what you get is what you see with this seminal outfit, and this time around it seems as if Madball hasn't lost touch with an ounce of the seething anger of its early works or the unconditional love for its hometown (as heard on "Stand Up NY" a rousing track and a proper closer for an album of a band who proudly wear its heart on their wifebeaters and hoodies). 

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"N.Y.H.C. EP" (Thorp; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I haven't heard a Madball recording in a long time so it was great to pop this new EP into the player and instantly re-connect with the band.

With four tracks totaling just under ten minutes, Madball sticks to their brand of hardcore, combining a powerful metal chunk with hardcore attitude and tempo.

Of the four tracks, "For My Enemies" is probably the most typical Madball song, while the second track, "Tight Rope," has more of a metal base (and sounds great, too, by the way). "My Rage," the third song, starts out with that metal riffing and then explodes into a hardcore rage. The final tack, "Para Mi Gente," is more straight forward, except for the fact that the entire song is sung is Spanish.

Madball's "N.Y.H.C. EP" is proof positive that this veteran band isn't done yet. If "N.Y.H.C." had been a full-length with the same consistency, it would rate at least an additional chainsaw guitar rating. Great stuff that would probably sound even better live.

Madball: Freddy Cricien - vocals; Hoya Roc - bass; Mitts - guitar; Rigg Ross - drums. 

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