"Dreamless Falling" (Self-produced; 1999)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Italian power metallers Madryghal have been working at their trade since the mid '90s. Madryghal's unique angle to power metal seems to be, in comparison to their numerous brethren, a slightly more medieval sound – in fact, I hear shades of Jethro Tull's prog-rock tendencies and flute sounds as being part of the musical mix. 

"Dreamless Falling" tells a tale of knights doing heroic deeds in typical epic fashion with a story that's quite grand and elaborate. I hear a lot of late '90s era Helloween type of power metal with copious use of keyboards as an integral part of the band's sound. No single song stands out as being superior and certainly no single song stands out as being terrible. "Dreamless Falling" is consistent throughout, but in this case consistent doesn't necessarily elevate the disc to repeat-worthy status. On the other hand, power metal fans who appreciate Helloween, Gamma Ray, and Nocturnal Rites will appreciate Madryghal's power metal stylings.

Madryghal have a lot of promise -- but on the basis of "Dreamless Falling" I can’t predict if the band will continue to improve or falter into the musical background. However, the band's obvious musical skills will make future efforts worth listening to. And I base that statement almost entirely on the last track "All Things Must ... Come To An End” which combines the best of power metal's broad palette of appeal while maintaining the unique stamp that the band provides.

"Dreamless Falling" was produced by Madryghal. Power metal needs robust sound and clarity in the production and both are sadly lacking here. But I'll chalk that up to the band being young and not quite knowing their way around a recording studio during their formative years in 1999. As I mentioned earlier, I hope their latest effort, "Never And Ever" due sometime in 2003, will improve upon those aspects.

Madryghal is Fabio Spinelli on vocals, Alessio Formenti on guitars, Maurizio Colombo on guitars, Alessandro Maggioni on bass, Mauro Bertagna on keyboards, and Edoardo Sala on drums.

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