"Repetition" (Now Or Never Records)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Maharahj's deathgrind has more metal than most bands in the genre. Like most bands of the genre, Maharahj rail against the damage modern society is already doing to damaged world. Even the title, "Repetition" refers to the endless cycle of destruction we do - not only to our current generation - but for all generations to follow. Plague is a word often repeated on "Repetition" and it gives even more evidence of the band's vision of hopelessness as it will take a near wipeout of society before the destruction ends everything as we know it.

Maharahj manages to mix in a few ambient noisescapes among the deathgrind tales of the coming apocalypse. The vocals are constantly and consistently desperate and echoes the hopelessness of the band's vision of what modern 'progress' has wrought upon the earth and society. Tales of rebellion, the lack of loving fathers, repeating past mistakes, and urbanization killing the human spirit and flesh are only a few of the topics that Maharahj detail in their attempt to wake the masses to the fact that we are the creators of our own extinction level event. 

Musically, many parts of "Repetition" remind me of when women say giving birth is like passing a watermelon through an opening the size of an orange. This CD is the equivalent - the band manages to squeeze in enough sonically and you don't think it can be done - you know it'll be painful, but in the end everything we get is what we asked for. Maharahj sound to me what Mindrot would have sound like if they were pissed off all the time.

"Repetition" is an intriguing listening experience.

"Repetition" was produced by Maharahj.

Maharahj is C. Scott U. on vocals, C. Andrew R. on guitars, synth, and high screams, C. Glen K. on guitar and low vocals, A. Benjamin B. on bass, and D. William J. on drums.

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