"No Need to Travel" (Volcano Records; 2021)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

"No Need to Travel" is an adequate collection of six interesting progressive rock tracks. The music falls somewhere in-between Emerson Lake and Palmer and maybe King Crimson with its groove-laden guitars and keyboard/synthesizer sounds. All of it courtesy of multi-instrumentalist Simon Marsilio, whose musical chops are on fine display throughout the CD.

Unfortunately, "No Need to Travel" is the kind of record that's worth listening to at least once but isn't the kind of music that will you have you coming back for multiple listening experiences. The thing here that might change that, however, are the lyrics. Lyrically, the album is complex and deep and that's probably because of Marsilio's interest in philosophy. At least it sounds that way. I don't know the first thing about philosophy, apart from a couple of early Woody Allen pieces I've read. But the lyrics sound deep and thought-provoking and I imagine they really are if you focus hard enough on them.

Obviously, this isn't music for everyone. It's a rich and challenging listening experience that requires focus and concentration to really appreciate. If you're up to that challenge, give "No Need to Travel" the opportunity to take you on the journey.

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