"On Earth As It Is in Hell" (Victory; 2004)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Martyr AD isn't the type of band you'd put on to feel good, and that's the way this metalcore quintet like it. After toiling in the underground, this Minnesota-based outfit, boasting three-fifths of seminal hardcore band Disembodied, have produced a face-ripping 10-track, 30 minute aural attack that clasps its hands around your throat and shakes the breath right from you. 

As seething as Hatebreed, yet as technically sound as any Swedish import, songs like "Misery Dance" and "Bring Out Your Dead" juxtapose the heaviest of both realms, making Martyr AD's path to destruction a cold and abrasive endeavor whose churning guitars and explosive dynamics lend for many a moshpit gymnastic display. 

If you dig Darkest Hour, The Haunted, and Throwdown, Martyr AD's music will also stir your senses into a frenzy.

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"On Earth As It Is in Hell" (Victory; 2004)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Martyr Ad is a talented metal outfit. Their music is hard, honest and has a straight forward in-your-face style that is difficult not to identify with. 

"On Earth As It Is In Hell" paints a bleak and soulful picture of life and if I could understand more of the lyrics I could tell you what that picture was all about. However, sometimes I found the vocals a bit overbearing and hard to understand. Still, the music is pure and, once you get used to the vocal style, you can see how music and vocals fit nicely together.

"On Earth As It Is In Hell" is a powerhouse of really good metal music. I liked this CD a lot, although it took a few spins, and the band has real promise, making hard music the way they want to.

Martyr AD: Drewhart - broadsword; JJ Thrash - left axe; Sheer Tara - middle Axe; Chaxmo - right axe; Karl - battle marches.

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