"Beginnings" (Columbia; 2003)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Memento is a 3/4 Aussie, 1/4 California band that took the L.A. club scene by storm and wound up signed with Columbia Records in less than a year from their formation. The band has already played Ozzfest as well.

Containing two former members of the ambient rock outfit VAST, Memento's music combines the avant garde nature of Tool and the darkness of Alice of Chains inside a big rock sound a la Disturbed. The end result, however, seems choppy and forced, almost like the band is trying too hard to be ominous and foreboding. 

At times, however, there are pockets of musical brilliance, like the piano opening of "Reflections" and the lush and lengthy "Figure 8."

Overall, it seems like Memento is tapping into a vein that is all but dried up, as the dark nu-metal attack the band presents has already been covered by many of the bands from which Memento derives its sound.

Memento: Justin Stewart Cotta - Vocals, Piano, Guitar; Space - guitars; Steve Clark - drums; Lats bass.

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