"Raw" (Mausoleum; 2006)

Reviewed by Jeff Rogers

Merendine Atomiche was born in 1995 in Cittadella, Padova, Italy by five childhood friends who played birthday parties, clubs and various stages before changing their line-up to solidify themselves in 2001. Starting as a Metallica cover band and voted by The Metallica Fan Club as Italy’s premiere tribute band gave them some much needed notoriety and experience.

Not wanting to be a cover band forever they started work on their first full length album. The positive feedback they received brought their sound to the States to ink a deal with Skateboard Marketing who put their music in heavy rotation. They have also toured with the clans of Testament, Obituary, Raven, and Fozzy, to note a few.

Their sound is heavy but controlled. The vocalist has that gruff voice and a Pantera seething in his delivery. He can also sing -- he has a great range and can balance the two very well. I’m not a fan of the gruff but after spinning “Raw” a couple of times I will have to say that this singer is rare in his dual abilities. 

The guitar is crunchy per the rhythm but melodic and very well played at solo time; the riffs are familiar sounding but not blatant rip-offs. The guitar combines great distortion and pinches on a few songs. I heard Journey, Skid Row and Dream Theater in a few spots. The drums are double bass running and the bass thumps with disdain for anyone who wants to cover their ears. "Raw" gets better toward the end.

The songs on "Raw" are stories about life as the band lives it. Sometimes the song changes direction and it may sound confusing at times, but I try to listen to what a band is saying as much as the music driving the feeling. These guys are hungry to get noticed beyond the European borders that presently contain them and they just may have the chops to do it.

The best tracks here are “In The Cage,” “Raw,” “Ocean’s Shadows,” and “We Didn’t Know.”

Merendine Atomiche: Luca Zandarin – vocals; David Bisson – lead guitar; Luca Securo – rhythm and acoustic guitar; Dario Bianchi – bass; Luca Cerardi – drums.

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"Walk Across Fire" (Self-produced; 2003)

Reviewed by Snidermann

Merendine Atomiche displays a huge range of dynamic music with "Walk Across Fire." This five member band loads "Walk Across Fire" with heart and soul, as well as walls of aggression and power. 

I can't tell you much about the band's lyrics because, frankly, I didn't understand much of them. Still, the band rocked and their charisma still came through in the music. "Walk Across Fire" is chock full of very good and very heavy metal. Merendine Atomiche is a strong band and I would recommend this CD to anybody who likes their metal hard and heavy.

Merendine Atomiche: Luca Cerardi - drums; Luca Zandarin - vocals; David Bisson - lead guitar; Luca Securo - rhythm guitar; Dario Bianchi - bass. 

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"The Holy Metal" (NoBrain; 2000)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Some things jump right out at you no matter what you're listening to. Merendine Atomiche is one of those bands that jump right at you with their clear sound and single-minded conviction to thrash. With "The Holy Metal" Merendine Atomiche clearly state that thrash is alive and well, thank you very much. 

"The Holy Metal" is a five song mini-CD that highlights this young Italian thrash band's skills and devotion to the art form of thrash metal. Obvious influences include "Ride The Lightning"-era Metallica and some of the better efforts by Dark Angel. Merendine Atomiche weave power metal riffs in their music for added variety. Paying homage isn't a bad thing, yet Merendine Atomiche, like most young bands, will be best served by striving to find their own sound as they mature. 

"War Or Peace" gets things started with classic thrash riffs for a headbanger's delight. "Holy Metal," clearly the disc's highlight, incorporates true metal style into their thrashy sound and it has a very memorable, melodic guitar solo that could be the envy of Iron Maiden.  "The Truth" displays Merendine Atomiche's penchant for speed metal not unlike early Iced Earth. Merendine Atomiche's deft use of start-and-stop riffing gives "The Guardian" depth and rhythmic variety. "Mental Agony" again recalls early Metallica with very Hetfield-like vocals.

"The Holy Metal" is a very promising start for Merendine Atomiche.  Along with Canada's Horfixion, Merendine Atomiche are part of a worldwide revival attack of thrash mania. 

"The Holy Metal" was produced by Merendine Atomiche. 

Merendine Atomiche is Luca Zandarin on vocals, David Bisson on lead guitar, Giulia Cerardi on rhythm guitar, Dario Bianchi on bass guitar, Luca Cerardi on drums and backing vocals. 

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