"Messer" (Maddpants Records; 2018)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

The self-titled CD by Texas rockers Messer is a solid wall of rock'n'roll power, with an alternative edge emboldened with a metal backing.

What I like most about this CD is how BIG it sounds. The songs, while not as heavy as, say, Drowning Pool, have an epic feel to them with expansive guitars, rich rhythm and the band's namesake vocalist whose rich tone rings with style and power. Even track 5, "Lay Down Your Heart," (the album's token ballad) sounds bigger than other songs of its type.

My favorite track is probably "Whiskey" because well, I love whiskey, but also because it's perhaps the rawest track on the CD with Dereak Messer's voice taking on a rougher quality as well. The CD ends with an acoustic track, "Simple Man," which is a perfect blend of acoustic guitar and voice.

You probably can't call them heavy metal (although there are elements here) but Messer would certainly qualify as hard rock. Whatever its genre, "Messer" is solid rock'n'roll and an album I'll listen to often.

Messer: Dereak Messer - Lead Vocals; Donnie Deville - Guitar/Vocals; Javier Contreras - Guitar/Vocals; Kenn Youngar - Drums/Vocals; Maddox Messer - Bass/Vocals.

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