"Headlines" (Throatlatch Records)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Metakix's "Headlines" is a fascinatingly diverse collection of speed metal / thrash metal songs that individually emulate virtually every band in the genre. There are songs that sound like Iron Maiden, songs that sound like Helloween, songs that sound like Megadeth - do you see the pattern here? If so, you'll find something to like about "Headlines."

One of the things that makes Metakix stand out from the other bands in the speed and thrash metal genre is that they're not afraid to slow down when they feel the time is right. That works well when they work a change of rhythm into a fast song, but isn't quite as successful when it lasts an entire track; "Afterlife" is slow and uninteresting while "Waiting for Nothing" is easily the most accurately entitled track on the CD, at least for the first 4 minutes and 30 seconds. The best tracks on the CD are "Ocean Man," "High" (both of which are solid, headbangable songs) "Small Town Aggression," a blistering instrumental that feels like it's telling you a complete story and "13 Disciples" which sounds a lot like a track off of "St. Anger." And you gotta love "Soundcheck" which is probably exactly that and only runs 30 seconds or so - but still kicks ass anyway.

Some of "Headlines" is a little cheesy but, for the most part, it rocks well. I look forward to hearing more from Metakix.

"Headlines" also contains a live video of the band's performance at India's biggest rock event, news articles, a band profile, album reviews, pictures, and more.

Metakix: Zomb - all vocals, lead and rhythm guitar; JP - drums and percussion; Holy - bass guitar.

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