"Then All Was Silent" (Galileo; 2004)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

Whereas their previously-reviewed CD ("After All These Years," reviewed below) brought to mind the later works of Pink Floyd, "Then All Was Silent," the new CD by Metamorphosis, brings a familiar but decidedly different sound. Listeners to this latest collection of epic, eerie space tracks will probably hear a little more of the Alan Parsons Project here than Pink Floyd. In other words, it's not quite as epic as Floyd's "The Wall," but rather more subtle, a la Parson's classic "Tales of Mystery and Imagination." And you know what? That ain't a bad thing.

"Then All Was Silent" is another well-told sonic novel from these talented prog-rockers. Again, it's not the kind of music built to bang your head to (although there are a number of razor sharp solos here) but rather the kind of music best listened to with headphones, late at night, when you've got nothing else to do but kick back and concentrate on the music and the lyrics.

As relaxing as reading your favorite paperback (might I recommend "Overnight Sensation"?), but far more intelligent than most of what passes for pop music these days, "Then All Was Silent" is highly recommended for fans of the aforementioned Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd and virtually any other type of prog-rock as well.

Metamorphosis: J-P Schenk - vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, drums, bass (synth); Giova Esposita - guitars, additional bass guitars; David Grillon - guitars; Milena Zaharieva - flute; Oliver Guenat - guitar solo on "The Birth."

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"After All These Years" (Galileo; 2003)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

According to the liner notes, "Metamorphosis is a project, not a band." While that might very well be the case, there's no better way to describe "After All These Years" than by comparing them to other bands and artists - particularly Pink Floyd and the solo work of Phil Collins.

Sounding strikingly like post Roger Waters-era Pink Floyd, with Phil Collins at the mike rather than David Gilmour et al, "After All These Years" is a smooth, cool rock'n'roll journey of epically long songs, spacey guitars and slow, measured rhythm. It may not have the edge or the history of the Floyd, but it's certainly listenable enough especially if you're in the mood for this type of music.

I wouldn't recommend "After All These Years" to anyone looking to get their blood pumped and party all night, but those who feel like relaxing and immersing themselves in a sonic mind trip might find just what they're looking for here.

Metamorphosis: Jean-Pierre Schenk - vocals, backing vocals, keyboards, drums; Giova Esposita - guitars; Dominique Schlafer - bass; David Grillon - guitar; Milena Zaharieva - flute.

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