"Gemini Nyte" (Cleopatra; 2018)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I've heard of the gothic rock band The Mission, but I can't say I've really heard The Mission, and so I am unfamilar with guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite. Well, at least to a certain degree. Thwaite has also performed live or on record with artists such as Al Jourgensen, Revolting Cocks, Gary Numan and Roger Daltrey, so I'm sure I've heard his work somewhere.

I had no idea what to expect from "Gemini Nyte" but that's how I like it. There's nothing better than getting a CD or download that you've not familiar with an seeing where it goes. All I knew about MGT (Thwaite's initials and the moniker he's released several albums under) was that it was goth and/or industrial-related and, more often than not, that's pretty interesting to me.

I was surprised, however, by how "Gemini Nyte" instantly grabbed me. I don't know why, but I wasn't expecting the guitars to be so forward and so instantly attractive. I liked the pace of the songs and the power of the vocals courtesy of The Awakening's Ashton Nyte. It wasn't too Goth and it wasn't too industrial, although subsequent tracks display a little more or less of both. Most of the tracks moved along at a faster clip than I expected and at times I was reminded of Billy Idol, or David Bowie or even Pete Steele.

Add to that guest appearances by Big Paul Ferguson of Killing Joke and Burton C. Bell of Fear Factory and things sound even better.

Of course, "Gemini Night" does get a little dark and shadowy at times. Track #4, for example, is a rainy day of a song with occasional bursts of musical thunder. Track 8, "The Assembly Line," is hautning ballad as if told by a machine.

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