"Misunderstood" (Self-produced; 2003)

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Wow. Netherlands-based Morgana-X's four track self-produced EP "Misunderstood" was quite a nice surprise. In fact, it is one of the best surprises in the nearly four years that I've been afforded the opportunity to critique various metal bands from around the globe.

Morgana-X's progressive leanings are not of the garden variety. Rather, Morgana-X are symphonic without being overbearing, progressive without being too technical, experimental without being too weird. I instantly recognized a lot of mid- to late-'80s Rush influences in the way that the band balances all the instruments especially on the last track "Bad Religion." Vocalist Eddy Borremans doesn't sound a lick like Geddy Lee however.

"Misunderstood" was a joy to listen to; it will be featured in my future listening choices when progressive rock/metal is my mood of the moment. In fact, the four tracks featured on "Misunderstood" are not enough to satisfy my appetite to hear more. I am eagerly awaiting more material from Morgana-X.

Fans of Pain Of Salvation, Vanden Plas, and other melodic progressive heavyweights will all find something to like in Morgana-X's "Misunderstood."

"Misunderstood" was produced by Morgana-X.

Morgana-X is Eddy Borremans on vocals, Wouter Wamelink on guitars, Ruben Viets on keyboards, Jeroen van Maanen on bass, and Martijn Peters on drums.

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"Live Rehearsal Demo" (Self-produced; 2001)

Reviewed by Snidermann


This three song release from Morgana-X is as good a recording as I have heard in quite some time. I just wish there was more! The music is well thought out, concise and engaging.  

Morgana-X has a strong Iron Maiden-ish quality that is most appealing. The lyrics unfold like mini stories and are fun and easy to listen to. 

This demo is a live rehearsal recording that rocks like hell and I can't wait to hear an entire full length recording from these guys - whether it be more live stuff or a studio recording. As it is, this is a simply an awesome CD, but with only three tracks I can't really give it a better rating at this time. I'm sure, however, that as I hear more of this band's music the reviews will only get better and better!

Morgana-X: Eddy Borremans - vocals; Wouter Wamelink - guitars; Ivor Van Beek - guitars; Ruben Viets - keyboards; Martijn Peters - drums; Jeren Van Maaneh - bass.  

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