"Soulless" (The Noiz Temple; 2006)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I'm not sure what to make of Morgue City's "Soulless." The music starts out with "Bulletproof," which boasts a bit of a stoner edge, then adds in all kinds of different stuff, from industrial sounds to punk rock to your typical AOR ballad. The CD is truly all over the place.

There's nothing awful here but there's nothing that really reaches out and grabs you either (although some, like "My New Gun," come close). Overall, however, "Soulless" is just a little too uneven to warrant multiple repeat listens, although I will admit that I enjoyed it more the second time through than my first.

Morgue City is a band with their own unique sound, it just happens to be a sound that meanders all over the place. Still, an interesting listen, if not something that will get regular play in my CD player.

Morgue City: Matthew James "Rooster" Roberts - vocals, rhythm electric and acoustic guitars; Spike the Percussionist - drums, percussion, noiz, guitar synthesis, programming; Floyd - bass; Raul - lead electric and acoustic guitars.

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