"Worn Down Dream" (Self-produced)

Reviewed by Jason Savage

Motive has been tearing up the scene since June 1999 with their brand of hardcore thrash. They have shared the stage with national heavyweights such as Testament, Suicidal Tendencies, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Nile, Arch Enemy, Flotsam and Jetsam, Machinehead and others. Their most recent major accomplishment was a spot at the famed Milwaukee Metalfest. 

"Worn Down Dream" is loaded with old school riffing that is sure to please the most fickle metalheads. I hear a lot of early Slayer-style guitar solos and drumming, especially on "Worlds Away." They also have a few Sabbathian moments mixed amid their chaotic ensemble. Check out "We Were Faded" to see where I'm coming from. 

Motive delivers pure perfection and has resurrected what's missing from today's metal: the guitar solo! They successfully blend the best elements of thrash, speed, hardcore and death for one helluva metal salad! 

Steve's vocal stylings alternate between the "I smoke too many cigarettes" rasp to "I swallowed the Cookie Monster and he wants to get out" growls to the "I've yelled so much my throat hurts" scream. It's all here and it's done remarkably well. 

I can't find anything negative to say about this CD and have to wonder why these guys have yet to find a label. I guess when the consumers get off their asses and start buying real metal music again and the nu-metal boat finally sinks, Motive will be on the frontline for the old school revolution, waving the banner proudly!

Motive: Steve Buschart- lead vocals/guitar; Randy Davis- lead guitar; Jue Secody- bass/vocals; Ricky Papa- drums.

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"Full On Metal" (Demo)

Reviewed by Jason Savage

Motive rose out of the ashes of Phoenix, AZ in June 1999. Their debut album, "Damned if You Do, Dead if You Don't," has sold over one thousand copies. They have played over a hundred shows in eleven states opening for national metal acts such as Testament, Suicidal Tendencies, Deicide, Machine Head and Flotsam & Jetsam's 2001 Fall Tour.

I was turned onto them by bassist Tom Collins, who is the vocalist for fellow Arizona metal brothers, Blind Rage, another band I reviewed. Motive provide classic old school 80's "in your face metal." Hearkening back to the days when thrash saturated the market, Motive opens up a glimpse of better days. After listening to this four song demo, I was ready to go out and kick some ass! 

The opener, entitled "Lochness," blasted me with machinegun drums and searing guitars. "Genetic Cleansing" was also very cool with its darker Sabbath-like chords. 

Motive is comparable to 80's metal acts such as Hallow's Eve, Flotsam & Jetsam ... the list goes on and on. There isn't anything new here but they have mastered a lost art. I, for one, still like listening to this type of metal, so needless to say, Motive gets plenty of airtime from me.

Motive is Adam Brooks (vocals); Steve Buschart (guitar/vocals); Tom Collins (bass) and Rick Vinoya (drums).

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