"Make It a Double" (Suburban Noize; 2009)

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

I have to admit it: After I had listened to Mower's "Make It a Double" a few times, I opened up this page to write my review. I read through Mike's review of the band's self-titled album from 2003 and I thought, "Hmmm. I wonder if this is even the same band. I don't remember a lot of rap rock on 'Make It a Double.'" So, being the responsible journalist I am, I did a little research and, yeah, this Mower is the same as that Mower. But, based on Mike's review and what I heard on the new CD, the band has changed their sound somewhat.

As mentioned above, I don't hear a lot of rap rock on "Make it a Double." What I do hear is a lot of hard rock/heavy metal that falls somewhere in the middle of thrash and nu-metal and funk metal (especially on track 9, "Faded"). And it all sounds good. The band is tight, the lyrics are intriguing (although sometimes they seem to try a little too hard), and the songs well-written and engaging.

The first few tracks are the heavier stuff, each track having its own personality but still obviously coming from the same band. Later tracks are apparently re-makes of songs from the band's earlier albums, here played with an acoustic/radio ballad style. What's surprising is how often they work!

Mower's nothing if not interesting and "Make It a Double" displays a band that isn't afraid of shaking things up a little bit. More power to them!

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"Mower" (Suburban Noize; 2003)

Reviewed by Mike SOS

Mower is an explosive quintet from San Diego whose metallic rap rock attack is, believe or not, as real as it gets. The outfit's latest 13-track release is a slamming showcase of chugging guitars and aggressive melodies with hook-laden choruses that are sure to stick in your skull long after the CD is out of the player.

Despite Mower utilizing many of the current and tired techniques of the rap-rock genre (such as the dual sing/scream effect) the difference between Mower and any generic band signed to a big label is that Mower's music is sharp, grating, and ultimately, way goddamned heavier than anything these flavor of the week clowns can muster. 

Check out the neck snapping "Wrestle With The Pig" or the frenetic pace of "Snitch" for proof. Yet there's comedic elements within Mower as well, deliciously displayed in between songs, when they get a few of the band's "friends" to explain the song's titles or go off into drunken diatribes. 

In short, Mower's music cuts through all the crap that is usually associated with bands that rap while rocking and instead leaves you with crushing riffs, heavy hooks, and above all, a kick ass vibe. 

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